About Me

This site is where I ramble on a bit about. This represents my own views and has nothing to do with my employer.


I am a software engineering manager in Silicon Valley.  I currently lead the Infrastructure Engineering and Operations groups at Ning.  Ning is the best way to build your own social website on the Internet, come check us out!


I live in the Willows neighborhood of Menlo Park, California.  I am happy that my kids go to the Peninsula School.


I love to play games

- Cards -- Spades and whist are the old standbys.  We just learned to play bridge, I just wish I was better at it.

- The whole constellation of German Board Games.

- Go -- I play at the 14k level.  Usually slow games over the Internet on the Dragon Go Server.

- iPhone -- currently the Carcassonne app is my current favorite.


I can be found in the normal places: linkedin, facebook, gmail, and twitter.

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